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FOBBA inspects and approves all of our members. In addition, in order to help visitors choose the accommodations that best suit their needs, the Association has adopted a voluntary rating system by which inspected B&B's can represent features that are beyond the basic level accepted. All FOBBA inspected B&B's attain the basic level, from there various additional facilities and features affect the rating, based on what is important to most B&B visitors.

Remember:  Every FOBBA member is unique in their own way.  Here is a summary of what the ratings represent to our valued guests.




Clean, with simple furnishings, meeting all basic quality standards. 



With furnishings and facilities above the basic standards. 



Well appointed, above average facilities and some amenities. 



Excellent quality furnishings, wide range of amenities and services; private or ensuite facilities available.


Exceptional quality and decor; an extensive array of first class services and facilities; all guest rooms with ensuites. 

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Not every Bed & Breakfast is cracked up to be a FOBBA member.


Newest Members


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Congratulations to our 2017
10, 15 and 20-year Members!

20 Years

Blacksmith House


15 Years

Sleepy Hollow B&B


Zeelandia B&B



10 Years

Beaver Hall B&B


Cedarholme B&B & Cottages

Lion's Head

Just For You B&B


The Verandahs by the Lake B&B



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