Stratford Area Bed & Breakfast Association

SABBA hosts are renowned for their ability to ensure that every guest receives the quality of service, hospitality and attention to detail that today’s discerning traveller has come to expect.

To achieve this each SABBA member complies with a code of standards and conduct designed to provide the highest levels of service and comfort for their guests.  Acceptance of the code is a condition of membership in SABBA and each home is inspected regularly to endure these standards are being maintained.

Each home has a unique ambiance, from traditional to unconventional décor, historic to modern architecture; breakfasts can vary from full to continental, hearty to haute cuisine.  But all homes reflect the distinctive style and taste of the hosts, with the common denominator being that they all love to share their homes with their guests.

Full FOBBA members in the association are:

  • Albert Square B&B
  • Avon and John B&B
  • One Sixteen Mornington Street B&B
  • Stone Maiden Inn (Bed and Breakfast/Spa)
  • Non-members of FOBBA who are members of this association:

  • A B&B on Bay, Acrylic Dreams
  • A Garden Stroll B&B
  • A Hundred Church Street
  • A Lake Side B&B
  • A Night at Rosehurst
  • A Patch of Heaven
  • A Place Somewhere
  • A Touch of Country B&B
  • A Valley View B&B
  • All's Well B&B
  • Amadeus Haus
  • Ambassador Guest House
  • Ambercroft B&B
  • Arbour Garden B&B
  • Ariel's B&B
  • Around the Corner
  • Avery House
  • Avon-Lee
  • Bard and Breakfast (The)
  • Birmingham Manor
  • Blue Spruce on Erie
  • Breaking Bread
  • Bristol House
  • Caboose (The)
  • Caledonia House
  • Cardinal B&B
  • Caversham House (The)
  • Chisholms in Stratford (The)
  • Curtain Call
  • Duggan Place Heritage Inn
  • Dunedin House
  • Dusk Til Dawn B&B
  • Eaglerest (The)
  • Forest Bed and Breakfast
  • Front Row Centre
  • Grandville Manor
  • Gwendayle On Queen
  • Harrington House
  • Hatfield House on Hibernia
  • Hathaway's Cottage
  • Hughson Hall
  • Legacy House
  • Leisure Estates B&B
  • Looking Glass House
  • Mornington Rose B&B
  • Old Rectory B&B (The)
  • Queen & Albert (The)
  • River Garden House
  • Riverwalk Bed and Breakfast
  • Riverwalk Guest Home
  • Shady Nook
  • Stewart House Inn
  • The Ginger Jar Guest House
  • The Oxford Inn
  • Windbreak Farm
  • Woodmont Guest House
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