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Crunch! Inc. Communications

568 South River Road, Elora, N0B 1S0
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Phone: 519.843.7555 ; Toll Free: 866.829.8848

Telling it like it is...

Special effects will never replace good content. Not ever.

There's a lot of emphasis these days on whiz-bang technology, and finding creative ways to use it. And there's no doubt that technology is changing our world. But it seems to us that the bells and whistles of communication are drowning out the message.

Marshall McLuhan said the medium is the message. Maybe.
We believe that the medium is a tool.

The message is the message.
That's what good communication needs to focus on.

Over the top under the wire...

Crunch! Inc. Communications is an integrated communications marketing company specializing in business-to-business, retail and internal communications. Our senior people give their personal attention to each and every client, so you always deal directly with the talent that works on your job.

We're not a traditional advertising agency, although we do create advertising. We're not a video production company, although we do produce videos and events. Our goal is to offer a niche service based on:

the broad, interdisciplinary backgrounds of our team members,

our strict attention to detail, quality and customer service on every project, and

our ability to be flexible and responsive to ever-changing client needs.

Among our successes are:, and, which won the EDCO award for Best Visitor Guide in Ontario for 2008.

Services (click on a link to learn more...)


Graphic Design

Website Development

Customer Research & Analysis

Video Production

Employee Communications

Training and Development

External Marketing

Incentive Programs

Meetings & Event Management

Prepress & Print Production


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